Internet Mapping Service

General Description 
Infrastructure Services Division (ISD) offers an Internet Mapping Service that delivers dynamic maps, spatial content and spatialanalysis via the Internet. User agencies can integrate Geographic Information Systems (GIS) dynamic maps and spatial content into existing web sites and applications. GIS is a decision support tool that integrates data from a variety of sources to be analyzed spatially and presented in the form of a map.
The Internet Mapping Service can be combined with the Enterprise Geocoding Service to create a comprehensive web application to locate and display events, customers or agency assets on a map in a web browser. Enterprise Geocoding Service is a separate rated service.
Use of the Internet Mapping Service also provides access to the spatial data holdings of the GIServOhio spatial data clearinghouse. This includes commercially licensed data for enterprise use by state agencies as well as local and federal government data sets. Among the data sets are:
  • Location Based Response System (LBRS)
  • Ohio Statewide Imagery Program (OSIP)
  • Municipal Boundaries – licensed from Tele Atlas North America
  • ZIP Code Boundaries – licensed from Tele Atlas North America
  • TIGER/Census Geography (tracts, block groups, blocks) 
Potential customers for this service would include: 
Any Ohio governmental entity.
  • Cost Savings –The customer will not need to procure, maintain, and support hardware and software to implement a standalone Internet mapping solution.
  • Economies of scale reduce customer costs. A larger number of customers generates a larger number of Internet Mapping application that reduce the cost for all customers
  • Experienced, Knowledgeable ISD Staff – The customer will not need to hire and retain personnel to maintain the hardware infrastructure and software environment required for Internet mapping capabilities.
  • Consistency – Use of the Internet Mapping Service provides all agencies with access to the same base maps and data which provides consistent results across applications. 

Current Customers

  • Ohio Department of Public Safety (OIU)
  • Ohio Department of Agriculture
  • Ohio Geographically Referenced Information Program (OGRIP)
  • Ohio Department of Administrative Services
  • Ohio Treasurer of State
  • Ohio Department of Commerce
  • Ohio Department of Natural Resources
  • Ohio Department of Homeland Security
  • Ohio American Recovery Reinvestment Act (ARRA)