Ohio Statewide Imagery Program

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The Ohio Geographically Referenced Information Program (OGRIP) is pleased to announce the contract for the third iteration of the Ohio Statewide Imagery Program (OSIP) has been awarded to Woolpert Inc., an Ohio based engineering and aerial imagery firm that will serve as the prime contractor for OSIP III. OSIP will acquire high-resolution imagery for the State of Ohio to support the geospatial needs of state and local government service providers, Geographic Information System users, and decision makers  at all levels of government.

The core imagery deliverable produced through OSIP III will be 6-inch pixel resolution 3-band (RGB) 8-bit natural color digital aerial imagery* rectified to the existing statewide 2.5FT DEM. The statewide imagery will be provided to all 88 counties and be made available for download or through web map services to all government entities and the public at no cost.  


As with previous OSIP projects, state and local government agencies are provided the opportunity to obtain additional product enhancements through the State’s Cooperative Purchase Agreement (CPA) program. Through the OSIP contract the State has negotiated fixed costs for state and local government entities with an active CPA to obtain enhanced products and services. These optional deliverables may be purchased at any time throughout the life of the OSIP contract and are not subject to the delivery schedule for the statewide products. 

Acquisition of OSIP imagery will begin in the spring of 2017 and continue through 2020.

Below is a partial listing of optional product offerings:



Fully processed*
   12IN 4-band (8 or 16bit)
   6IN 4-band (8 or 16bit)
   3IN 4-band (8 or 16bit)

   12IN 4-band (8 or 16bit)
   6IN 4-band (8 or 16bit)
   3IN 4-band (8 or 16bit)


Oblique Imagery (various resolutions)
Contours (various increments)
Landuse/Land Cover/CAUV
Historical Imagery Service
Mobile Mapping LiDAR



* Imagery is rectified to meet ASPRS 2014 Positional Accuracy Standards, color balanced and processed to minimize warp, lean, smear, and alignment issues
** Imagery is rectified to meet ASPRS 2014 Positional Accuracy Standards, color balanced with limited processing for aesthetics


The Ohio Statewide Imagery Program (OSIP) is a partnership between State and Local government agencies to develop high-resolution imagery and elevation data for the State of Ohio to benefit Geographic Information System users at all levels of government. Accurate imagery and elevation data serve as the backbone for the development of additional data sets maintained and accessed by government decision makers and the public.


OSIP III Documents
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OSIP I Documents
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OSIP I RFP Contract Award


Cooperative Purchasing Agreement 

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