2008 Ohio GIS Conference

2008 Ohio GIS Conference

Wednesday – Friday, September 10-12, 2008

Columbus Crowne Plaza North

Columbus, Ohio

Conference Program

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


8:00 - 4:00 Registration
  Ballroom I & II Salon B & C Salon E & F
8:30 - 11:30 Workshop 1 -
Implementing an Enterprise Architecture with ArcGIS Server 9.3
Workshop 2 - 
Using Your OSIP LiDAR Data
Workshop 3 -
GISCI Certification Program for GIS Professionals
11:00 - 5:30 Trade Show - Ballroom III & IV, Foyers 1 & 2
11:30 - 1:00 Lunch on your own


1:00 Ohio GIS Map Gallery
  Ballroom I & II
1:00 Introduction/Conference Opening - Lane Wood, Assistant Administrator, Enterprise Shared Services, Ohio DAS/Office of Information Technology
1:15 Keynote Address - Pragmatic (if not popular) Paradigm Shifts in Spatial Information Management and Visualization:  What It Could Mean to You, John Antenucci, Founder and President/CEO of PlanGraphics.
[Abstract] [Powerpoint (29.6MB)]


OGRIP Initiatives - Jeff Smith, GIS Support Center, Ohio DAS/Office of Information Technology
[Abstract] [Powerpoint (204.6MB)]

2:30 Break
2:45  A Stark Look at GIS Integration and Business Process Improvement - Mr. Kim R. Perez, Stark County Auditor - Shanda-lyn Yaeger, GISP - Chief Richard J. Peterson, Nimishillen Township Fire Chief - Daniel J. Moeglin, P.E., S.I., Canton City Engineer
[Abstract] [Powerpoint (13MB)]
4:00 - 5:30 Trade Show Reception - Ballroom III & IV, Foyers 1 & 2



Thursday, September 11, 2008


7:30 - 1:10 Trade Show - Ballroom III & IV, Foyers 1 & 2
7:30 Ohio GIS Map Gallery / Registration
7:30 - 8:30 Continental Breakfast
  Pavilion Ballroom I & II Salon B & C Salon E & F
  Track 1 -
Public Safety and Utilities
Track 2 -
Emerging Technology/Application Development
Track 3 -
Applications of GIS in Government
Track 4 -
Program Management
8:30 Multiple Data Sources for Geodatabase Development - Karen Tillman, EMH&T
[Abstract] [Powerpoint]
The Ohio Department of Transportation, District 2's Web Portal for Geospatial Information - Fred Judson, Ohio Department of Transportation District 2, Ben Cordes, GPS Coordinator Ohio Department of Transportation District 2
[Abstract] [Powerpoint (25MB)]
Bringing Historical Mapping Information into a 21st Century GIS - Joe Merritt, GIS Manager, Clinton County GIS Department
[Abstract] [Powerpoint]
GIS-Based Asset and Infrastructure Management for Municipalities - Justin Gough, novotX, L.L.C.
[Abstract] [PDF (0.6MB)]
9:10 Maintaining, Integrating & Disseminating - Mark Wroblewski,  GIS Coordinator, Erie County Auditor's Office
[Abstract] [PDF (4.2MB)]
The Ohio Conservation GIS Project (OCGIS) - Aaron Lantz, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Soil and Water Conservation
[Abstract] [Powerpoint (6.5MB)]
GIS and Integrated Cultural Resources for Louisville Southern Indiana Ohio River Bridges Project - Dean N Barbo, GIS Analyst,  AMEC Earth & Environmental
[Abstract] [Powerpoint (35.9MB)]
URISA International, history, activities and benefits - Gene Del Greco,  GIS Manager Richland County GIS Consortium
[Abstract] [Powerpoint (13MB)]
9:50 Asset Integration From the Bottom Up - Darren Rozenek, City of Akron Public Utilities Bureau
[Abstract] [Powerpoint (11.4MB)]
Simplified Asset Management Using Modern Web-based GIS Technology -  Mel Meng, P.E. Lisa Swain, P.E., DLZ, Inc.
[Abstract] [PDF (1.8MB)]

Cleveland’s Enterprise GIS - From Concept to Reality - Xander Mavrides, PhD, City of Cleveland
[Abstract] [Powerpoint]

GIS Integration of the Three C's of Infrastructure - Robert Heady, Strand Associates Inc
[Abstract] [Powerpoint (20.1MB)]
10:30 Break / Trade Show
10:50 How accurate is your Emergency Response Data? - Matt Wagoner, GISP, CFM, Stantec Consulting Services, Inc.  Jim Morse, Stantec Consulting Services, Inc.
[Abstract] [Powerpoint (8.8MB)]
Autodesk Map Guide Open Source, a powerful emerging open source technology for web based GIS development - Kishore Patel, CyberSWIFT LLC.
[Abstract] [Powerpoint (3.6MB)]
The National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) - Hank Nelson, NHD, Data Stewardship Program, USGS, NGTOC II
[Abstract] [Powerpoint (63.1MB)]
GIS - An Integral Part of MVRPC's Planning Support System - Martin H. Kim, AICP, GISP, Director of Regional Planning MVRPC Tom Harner, GIS Coordinator MVRPC
[Abstract] [Powerpoint (17MB)]
11:30 No session - Pavilion set up time for lunch. Data creator to data disseminator, and Arc IMS to ArcGIS Server - Joe Reichlin, GISP, Portage County GIS Coordinator, Information Technology Services
[Abstract] [Powerpoint (8.7MB)]
Licking County Tax Map Realignment Project - Derek M. Mair, Geospatial Solutions Division EMH&T
[Abstract] [PDF (2.6MB)]
Mapping ice storm damage and monitoring long-term impacts - Nicole Stump, Wayne National Forest
[Abstract] [Powerpoint (2MB)]



12:10 - 1:10

Buffet Lunch in Pavilion Area
General Session - (during lunch) - Pavilion
  Pavilion Ballroom I & II Salon B & C Salon E & F
  Track 1 -
Public Safety and Utilities
Track 2 -
Emerging Technology/Application Development
Track 3 -
Applications of GIS in Government
Track 4 -
Program Management
1:10 No Session - Pavilion tear down time for lunch History of the Ohio Public Land Survey - Todd Tucky, Ohio Historical Society
[Abstract] [Powerpoint (17.4MB)]
Faith Based GIS - Using GIS to Locate Ohio Benefit Bank Sites - Christopher M. Shaffer, Operations Manager, Governor's Office of Faith Based and Community Initiatives
[Abstract] [Powerpoint (26.3MB)]
Behind The Curtain: GIS and Floodplain Mapping - Adam Daily, Bradford Hartley and Adam Pooler, Stantec Consulting
[Abstract] [Powerpoint (7.7MB)]


A Pocket Full of Wishes, A Magic Wand & A Globe Made Out of Gold - Patricia Moehring, City of Lebanon, Rose Haverkos, City of Hamilton
[Abstract] [PDF (18.6MB)]

Building an Enterprise Data Portal - Jon Downey, Senior Associate, Northeast Group Manager, Woolpert, Inc. 
[Abstract] [Powerpoint (7.4MB)]
Using Google Earth as a Data Delivery Mechanism - Joe Merritt, GIS Manager, Clinton County GIS Department
[Abstract] [Powerpoint]
Steps to a successful Enterprise GIS - Cheri Mansperger, MORPC, and Darlene Scott, Stantec
[Abstract] [Powerpoint]
2:30 Break
2:45 Fusing LiDAR and Ortho-Imagery to Determine Impervious Surfaces -  Brian Stevens, Woolpert and Mike Merchant, City of Columbus
[Abstract] [Powerpoint (33.6MB)]
GPS and Geodetic News You Can Use - David Conner, NOAA NGS Advisor to the State of Ohio
[Abstract] [Powerpoint (5MB)]
2 Days, 500 signs - Brandon Brown, City of Dublin
[Abstract] [Powerpoint (9.5MB)]
QA/QC of Underground Data Collection - Russell Koenig and Ronald M. Howard, Jr., DLZ Inc.
[Abstract] [Powerpoint (7.4MB)]
3:25 Automobile Crash Analysis Program - Tina Wawszkiewicz, City of Dublin
[Abstract] [Powerpoint]
Non-Traditional Web Mapping Solutions - Jason Woodman and Derek Mair, EMH&T
[Abstract] [Powerpoint]
Compliance with LBRS Standards- An In-House Effort - Shoreh Elhami, GISP, GIS Director, Delaware County Auditor's Office
[Abstract] [Powerpoint (2.8MB)]
GIS: A quiet Revolution in Educational Planning - Bryan Saums, Cropper GIS Consulting
[Abstract] [Powerpoint (31.2MB)]
  Hospitality Suites


 Friday, September 12, 2008


7:30 - 8:30 Continental Breakfast
7:30 Ohio GIS Map Gallery
  Ballroom I & II


General Session - Officer Safety- Integration of  LBRS data, GIS mapping and vehicle tracking supports Muskingum County Sheriff’s Dispatch during a bank robbery - Bo Keck, Muskingum County 9-1-1 Coordinator 
[Abstract] [Powerpoint]
9:15 GIS for Economic Development - Steve Kelley
[Abstract] [Powerpoint (34.6MB)]

How To Find Ohio Spatial Data For Your Applications. GIServOhio Data Download Applications and Web Services-  Jennifer McFarland, GIS Specialist, and Larry Hellmer, GIS Programmer, GIS Support Center, Ohio DAS/Office of Information Technology
[Abstract] [Powerpoint (7.7MB)]

10:15 Break


Closing/Town Meeting

Awards given for Ohio GIS Map Gallery
Awards given for OGRIP Best Practices Awards
Acknowledgement of Sponsors
Acknowledgement of Speakers

Map Gallery

Rules and Guidelines

The Ohio GIS Conference Map Gallery will be on display at the upcoming Ohio GIS Conference, September 10-12, 2008. The purpose of the Map Gallery is to display the unique communication capabilities of a Geographic Information System (GIS). Conference attendees are encouraged to submit maps that are made in the course of their daily jobs.


  • Entry form must be received by 3 p.m. Wednesday, September 3, 2008 in order for your map(s) to be displayed and judged. Please see instructions on entry form.
  • Maps may have multiple authors but at least one must be a paid conference attendee.
  • You may enter a single map or a series of maps. All sizes are encouraged. However, due to space limitations, the maximum space allotted per entry is 44“H x 46“W. If you feel your map(s) requires special accommodations, please contact a committee member to make arrangements.
  • Please note that this is a Map Gallery, not a display of posters or promotional materials. Although overall map layouts can contain text, photos, tables, charts and other graphics, the map should be the primary focus. The purpose of the map should be apparent without reading excessive amounts of text. Posters featuring GIS web applications are not considered a map. GIS web applications could be submitted for an OGRIP Best Practices Award. More information is available at http://ogrip.oit.ohio.gov/Coordination/BestPracticesAward.aspx.
  • Maps must arrive by 1 pm Wednesday, September 10 at the conference registration counter. If you will not be able to submit your map in person by 1 pm, you may mail your map(s) directly to the conference hotel using the information below. Please understand that by mailing your map(s), you are doing so at your own risk. Do not send hard copy maps to OGRIP, CEAO or a Map Gallery Committee member.
  • Any maps arriving AFTER the 1 p.m. deadline may be displayed in the Gallery for viewing only, but they will NOT be judged nor be eligible for the People’s Choice award.
  • This year, the Map Gallery Committee is requiring that PDF versions of all maps be submitted upon delivery of the hard copy map. Images will be used during the awards presentations and will also be included in the conference proceedings. Please be sure to bring a CD or flash drive so your map can be transferred to the Map Gallery Committee laptop. Please be mindful of file size, PDF will not be used for print production so high resolution is not necessary.
  • Map Gallery Committee has final say about eligibility of maps considered for competition and adherence to these rules.


Hotel Phone 614-885-1885

Hotel Mailing Address
Ohio GIS Conference Map Gallery (Sept. 10-12)
Crowne Plaza Hotel - Columbus North
6500 Doubletree Ave
Columbus, OH 43229



Your maps will be displayed and judged according to the following categories:




General Reference Displays the location of a geographic feature(s) or jurisdiction(s) County Highway map, trails map, utilities map, natural resources, etc.
Communicative Communicates data that is not inherently geographic (displaying data) Income, population density, municipal zoning, traffic accidents, etc.
Analytical Exhibits problem solving, analyzing data or shows a trend (interpreting data) Future plans, comparisons, survey results, study results, etc.
  • If you are unsure into which category your map should be entered, please contact a Map Gallery Committee member.
  • Maps in all categories will be judged on their presentation of concept and purpose, technical merit (elements, principles and techniques) and overall design (appeal, artistry and composition).
  • If there are a large number of entries in a category, maps in that category may be divided into small- and large-format for judging.
  • There will be an award for each category, for the Best of Show (highest overall score), and for People's Choice (conference attendee votes).
  • Both color and black-and-white maps are encouraged.
  • If left behind at the conference, maps will become the property of the Map Gallery Committee and will not be returned.
  • Please note, by completing an Entry Form for the Map Gallery, you are not registering for the Ohio GIS Conference. You will need to register for the conference separately.
  • By displaying your map at the conference, you earn 1 Contribution point toward your GISP (re)certification.



OGRIP Best Practices Award

OGRIP has created the Ohio GIS Best Practices Award presented annually at the Ohio GIS Conference.  This program is designed to recognize organizations in Ohio that have or are implementing GIS in a manner consistent with OGRIP’s goals and objectives.  OGRIP encourages your organization to consider submitting an application for your GIS program.  Also, if you know of other outstanding GIS programs deserving recognition, please encourage them to submit their application.

OGRIP Best Practices Award