OGRIP Advantages

OGRIP Advantages

Ohio Geographically Referenced Information Program (OGRIP), serves as the authorized Geographic Information System (GIS) coordinating entity for the State of Ohio. OGRIP was created in response to the critical need for coordination in the development and use of digital spatial data. The OGRIP Council serves as a communication channel concerning geographic or location based information. We have broad representation and serve to facilitate information gathering regarding spatial data, spatial data initiatives and issues impacting the GIS community in Ohio.

OGRIP encourages GIS activities that enhance the development and use of reliable digital spatial data through communication, coordination and collaboration. This is accomplished by educating organizations, communicating benefits, raising GIS awareness, identifying points of contact and data sources, developing community resources and providing direction regarding GIS and spatial technologies.

GIS Communication & Coordination: OGRIP offers communication and coordination with the GIS community across the Ohio. Through communication and coordination, OGRIP provides information on GIS activities and initiatives focused on the development of digital spatial data.

OGRIP coordinates state initiatives with federal and local government efforts where it makes sense encouraging collaboration and coordination. Some of the activities associated with these services are:

  • GIS Directory – maintain a directory of GIS contacts throughout the state at all levels of government, academia and the private sector.
  • Ohio GIS Listservers – manage electronic communications with the Ohio GIS professionals.
  • County GIS Profiles – development of a summary of GIS activities, their status and spatial data holding by county.
  • Monthly Meetings – OGRIP holds a forum meeting the last Monday of every month to discuss issues impacting GIS in Ohio.

GIS Clearinghouse & Data Distribution: OGRIP through the GIS Support Center (GISSC) manages the distribution of spatial data. This data currently includes USGS and state enhanced USGS data sources. 

GIS Education and Awareness: OGRIP sponsors and hosts numerous educational workshops and seminars throughout the year. OGRIP provides notification of educational venues and training opportunities in Ohio. A few of the repeating opportunities OGRIP is involved in are below: