Task Forces

Ohio is developing several Task Forces to focus on specific themes of spatial information. These spatial data themes were identified as the Ohio Framework Layers.

This effort provides support to OGRIP's ultimate goal of promoting the development of specific components of a statewide comprehensive program. These components will provide the foundation for future interaction and activities between and within Ohio organizations. In short, the results of this assignment will be an expanded and modified program description document detailing the requirements, management and maintenance of the broader program.

Two of OGRIP's six stated strategic goals are 1) the development of a comprehensive program for geographic data development for the state of Ohio, and 2) support and facilitation of geographic data sharing. OGRIP's intent is to position itself in the forefront of a statewide effort focused at the state and local level for geospatial data development using the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) Framework as a guideline. It also supports one specific strategic objective identified in the current Strategic Plan - Support for GIS Development Efforts.

The intent of this strategic objective is to support cooperative GIS development. This includes identifying funding mechanisms and defining procedures for geo-spatial data development in consistent and readily accessible formats. This effort will develop the numerous components of a comprehensive GIS program.

This effort will result in recommendations to Council on the implementation and funding of a GIS development and data sharing in Ohio. Each Task Force will do the initial investigation and develop into a Work Group on each spatial theme. The short-term objective of these task forces is to:
Identify relevant information and data needs and requirements for each theme, document the differing perspectives associated with these themes (academia, private, state and local government), and

  • Identify who should be involved in these discussions - those organizations responsible for the creation and maintenance of this spatial data or information,
  • Identify approaches and concepts that are implementable in Ohio. 

Task Force Descriptions